Brand Identity
The Forest Bathing Circle

For The Forest Bathing Circle, I created their brand identity. This included logo design, color plan, typography plan, illustrations, (work)book design, and designing and building the website and e-commerce store.

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Brand Identity Physio Global

For Physio Global, I created their brand identity. This included logo design, designing and building the website, creating banners/flyers/and social media communication.

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Website design Goldsmith Eduard Cohen.

For goldsmith Eduard Cohen I created the new website. This process includes a style moodboard, photo editing, website design, and building the actual website.

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Social Media content
Deblon Sports

As a freelancer for Deblon Sports I created different social media posts, always keeping the style of Deblon in mind.

Graduation project -
Concept for Lonely Planet (2018)

For my graduation project, I did research about the downside of tourism. The tourism industry is expanding every year and our influence on the countries we visit is bigger than some may know. I made a magazine and an application for Lonely Planet, where I make people aware of their  footprint and how they can make traveling a positive experience for both local and tourist. 


You find a small part of the magazine here. If you are interested in more information about this project, don't hesitate to contact me. 


Work for MaxScholar

MaxScholar is an online program, designed for children with learning disabilities. As their graphic designer, I create their flyers, social media posts, and other visuals. 


Print design Deblon Sports

For Deblon Sports I created a print for their collection of 2018/2019.



My favorite subjects to photograph are nature and humans. I try to show places in a way that no one has seen them before. One important keyword in my photographs is "pure". I try to not make any changes to the original photo and let them speak for themself. 


I like to portray moments of my life through video making. 

Here you find some videos from the time I lived in Italy.